Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Realms of Chaos: Warband banter.

I'm pleased to say RoC rivalries are already beginning to show themselves across the Oldhammersphere. Just have a quick look at the comments on the following posts:

Warlord Paul educates Coop about starfish.

Mouse all but challenges Davey.

Even without games being played good solid rivalries are setting up. The powers of Chaos would be pleased.

The question is, with 6 months to go can we maintain the fun and enthusiasm?


  1. I do hope so! With the banter accompanying the show-and-tell painting we should get some good mileage out of this :-)

  2. All this chaossy goodness is making me want to get those tables out for a good roll off! Won't be able to make the tournament, it's too far away, but it'd be fun to start gathering a warband in any case. Shame I'm off ebay for lent....