Saturday 27 April 2013

Count me in!

Well I've taken the plunge and ordered one of Alex's excellent modular gaming tables

The first set of tiles I hope to make for it will be something along these lines - for my Lustrian project.

There's 33 more days to go on the campaign and 9 more tables to be sold to make it all happen - spread the word!

Thursday 18 April 2013

So who wants a great table!

Dreamfish, he of the 3rd ed army builder lists and remote gaming has put together an Indiegogo campaign for his modular gaming table design. The campaign is for the frame work that is both table and unique storage system for the modular boards. These you would need to supply yourself.

If you have the time and skill to make the boards, and the albeit small extra room to keep the storage racks I don't think a finer design is out there. Had I the time to make the boards I'd probably be all over this.

Sunday 7 April 2013

More Up and Coming Oldhammer Blogs

Having just had a very nice comment left for me over on my blog (Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold), I thought I'd repay the favour and mention GoblinLee's excellent new blog here at Oldhammer Central - and yes flattery, along with bribery and corruption are the best ways of getting ahead in this world!

The pictures of his hoards of Slann are worth a look as are the teeming multiudes of Goblins - a promising start indeed!

While I'm here there are a few other mentions I'd like to make - I'm not sure if these chaps' blogs are widely known or have been mentioned previously but I've certainly been enjoying them recently!

Check out the Privates Eternal for some awe inspiring shots of large scale Oldhammer battle - and an eclectic mix of all sorts of other entertaining stuff!

There's a lovely Wood Elf army shaping up nicely over at the Masterwork Guild.

Lots of Chaos-y goodness at the Technicolour Tomb.

Fantastic story telling and miniatures to match at Tales from the Big Board - Mouse, is this a reference to Dr Strangelove by the way as it always makes me think of the War Room featured in the film?

I'm sure there's a few more I could mention who are lurking in my reading list so apologies for any glaring omissions!

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Hitting the nail. What is Oldhammer, view two.

Last Hitting the Nail post I refered back to Zhu's post where he coined the phrase Oldhammer. But that isn't to say others were not expressing their own views about old styles of play around the same time so I thought it worth looking at Gaj's exploration of Warhammer for Adults. It has a separate page on his blog but many of you may not have found it yet, this is I belie the second iteration the original appearing some time in 2011:

Again I don't want to summaries Gaj's points, he does that very well himself, give them a read and let Gaj know what you think on his post. Would love to hear from you here too though? Has he got it right, or what's he missing? Next time I'll post a more recent take on the whole shenanigans.