Monday, 11 December 2017

The Greatest Battle Report of 2017: Vote Now!

What was the Greatest Battle Report of 2017 - only YOU can decide!

We have 10 amazing nominations, going head-to-head in an all out bloodbath to claim the ultimate accolade - the title of The Greatest Battle Report of 2017. Each Battle Report has been expertly crafted from the finest old-school lead, rules and sensibility to produce tales of bravery, madness, heroics, strategy, tactics and blunders on the tabletop.

Top 10 Battle Reports 2017

1. Meeting by the Standing Stones - Golgfag
2. Pitch Invasion - Nico
3. Trouble at Fur Traders Hut -vonkortez
4. Graveskul, Hit the Beach! - airbornegrove26
5. The Eternal Champions Gathering - Asslessman
6. Shadows Under Bogenhaced - Asslessman
7. Guramm's Last Stand - Iannick
8. The Hellgate - Katsuhiko JiNNai
9. Project Iowa Episode 9: Knockout punch - SymphonicPoet
10. Tilea #8 - Padre

You can vote at the Oldhammer Forum or leave a comment below with the name or number of your favourite Battle Report of 2017. Vote wisely - there can be only one!