Thursday, 28 February 2013

Realms of Chaos, Oldhammer weekend warband game expectations under discussion.

Orlyyg has kicked off a good discussion on the BLOOD forum about how we would like to see the warband game play out over the weekend.
We really can’t stress enough that if you want to contribute to the way the game plays sign up to the forum and get involved. Already the participating Oldhammerers are proving in Oldhammer  Battle there
is no law, or indeed such a thing as a typical Oldhammerer.

Who will be Oldhammerer 100?

Noticed today that mbh has become Oldhammerer 99 by joining the BLOOD forum, not bad for our niche movement as we come to the 6 months since declaring our existence . If you were lurking and thinking of joining now would be the perfect time to claim yourself the 100 spot!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Realms of Chaos: Warband banter.

I'm pleased to say RoC rivalries are already beginning to show themselves across the Oldhammersphere. Just have a quick look at the comments on the following posts:

Warlord Paul educates Coop about starfish.

Mouse all but challenges Davey.

Even without games being played good solid rivalries are setting up. The powers of Chaos would be pleased.

The question is, with 6 months to go can we maintain the fun and enthusiasm?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Three blogs to watch.

OK I stipulated in my new mission statement that I'd like part of this blogs role to be to highlight new blogs worthy of your attention.

To that end I have three blogs I'd like to point out that are new enough that you may not yet have found them. All are distinctly if not exclusively oldhammer and I like them for different reasons.


This blog has been going since Christmas last year and I have to say it started with a bang.
Brought to us by the courtly Springfield it is a real treat for the eyes, the main focus is defiantly on the authors own fantasy imaginings with a significant dollop of old WD goodness thrown in. Please do find the time to have a look you won't regret it.


The eponymous blog Warlord Paul is my next highlight. There is lots of enthusiasm and energy here with a great post count for being less than a month old. All steady hobby related stuff with a few projects on the go and no real filler posts. I suspect the enthusiasm will last too but it probably wouldn't hurt if a few more peopel decided to check out Warlord Pauls musings. For the, "movment", to grow people returning to their roots like this is exactly what we'd like to see.


Only discovered today but its about Orcs so of course I love it. It is also very promising so far with excellent retro credentials, some nice paint on display and good musings. I watch with interest.

Friday, 22 February 2013

2013 Realms of Chaos Warbands.

As the list continues to grow I thought it was worthwhile giving those declared for one power or the other their own page. Now the list won't get lost in the depths of the blog as the months go by but will be there with a single click.

So I've updated the list and put it here. But it should be obvious on the side panal.

Now this is only supposed to be a news site not a plavce for personal opinion but what is the news without comment.

I put an undeclared section on the list but are not unaligned warbands part of StD? Would a few, "neutral" warbands not be a good idea, we could spend the lead up and even the night in th pub of the Saturday trying to gain their support in the battle to come.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oldhammer weekend Mustering the Warbands.

So it seams the second day of the Oldhammer weekend is to see the clash of mighty warbands in the Titanic clash of forces representing the Bloody hand of Khorne and the erm.. sticky? hand of Slaanesh. All across the Oldhammersphere champions are hearing the Clarion call to arms. Have you dedicated yourself to a power yet? What will you say in years to come when small boys ask were you there? Will you retell the deeds of your mighty champion or admit in shameful ripost that, "no to my shame, I was at home watching Andrew Marr instead."

So far the legions  of Khorne have grown with many great champions feeling the Call of blood in their warlike frames. Let me recount their names:

(and many more as I get round to posting them)

Slaanesh, no doubt adrift on a sensual overload, was slow to start mustering his forces however things are picking up with many hopeful champions taking there weapons in hand...

Warlord Paul

And those who are undeclared:


I know it's early days yet but lets see the colour of your metal, red or pink?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Oldhammer Day 2013!

It's on. Its the 31August to 1st Septmeber 2013!

Emails have been sent, conference calls have been had, secret pact have been made with dark mysterious forces. Gaj AKA Weasil (Gajwesail?) has done sterling work, the Ansells have been super stars.  All of this has lead to the dates being set for the first ever Oldhammer day at the Foundry in Nottingham. What better place, surely the spiritual home of Citadel will be hosting what can only be described as the must go event of the Oldhammer calender. Talk to your better half now, reserve the date the gods of Oldhammer need to be apeased!

Imagine your ideal club meet. Well this is it, table laid on, food and drink provided at bar prices, wonderful collections of old lead to be viewed, games to be played from bring and battle to demo games to a gathering of RoC warbands. There will even be the possibility of buying miniatures cast from the original citadel molds! All over two days.

How to get involved?

Wing your way over to THE oldhammer forum and sign up. It's our day so it is important to get involved to ensure it is everything we collectively want.  Our band of fellow old school adventures grows daily so now is the time to sign the Oldhammer Contract and get on board.