Tuesday 19 May 2015

Oldhammer models

Is that model Oldhammer ? And this one?

Every now and then the question comes back and while some will argue that the true proper "Oldhammer models" are those issued during what they see as Games workshop's true 'Golden Era' (begining and end dates will most likely vary with every single person), some others will tell you the only true Oldhammer way is to get ANY model on the table, whatever the maker, the release date, material or anything.

Rest assured, I will not try to give any definition here but I'd be more interested to see what kind of models get made AROUND the Oldhammer community or state of mind. I'll just list some projects run by enthusiats who feel like filling the voids left by discontinued references and who want to make things happen.
I'd really like to emphasise that for most of (if not all) people involved here, this is not their main job but a side project to which they dedicate quite some time, energy and money. Given the quality of the work and the price applied, you can really see the dedication here !

Darkling Games :

Darkling Games is the line of miniatures run by Oldschool Goddess Delaney King. Her range includes some fantasy evil dwarves sculpted in that delicious retro taste that fits juts right in with the chaos dwarves of the early kind.

Delaney has some very exciting projects for the future including Arse cannons, sphincter beasts (my personnal bias inclines me to listing those first) but also many tasty projects you can follow on her dedicated blog HERE.

Space riders / Diego Serrate :

Diego Serrate has graced us with a Kickstarter getting its roots in the early days of rogue trader but with his own excellent touch and amazing skills. His modern approach and added ideas really fill voids in our oldschool collections AND brings new horizons for fun.

Evil Space orcs

Bounty hunters
Go and visit his Kickstarter (still running) to see all the references available (you will probbaly end up emptying your bank account but after all, money is safer in the hands of talented artists that in tose of bankers) !

Via Ludibunda :

Via Ludibunda is the range owned by Treps (of Oldhammer origins) and it offers very original models amongst which a wonderful set of goblin pirates (sculpted by no other than the Goblinmaster Kev Adams himself), harryhausen skeletons, Oldschool ogres and much more !

Kev Adams pirates

Oakbound :

Oakbound is the range managed by Geoff Sims. It has steadily been augmented over time to create a whole range of celtic inspired fantasy creatures amongst which those who love one-eyed bog dwellers should be very fond of but it doesn't stop here as the models cover a whole range of bizarre creatures to fit in the unique set of rules created for the occasion.

The most deviant (and more sci-fi inclined) of you will even have the chance to get their hands on evil dorfs and some strange Judge trying to make his authoritaaaa respected.

Colony 87 :

Initiated by the most excellent Axiom with the participation of fantasy illustrator Will Beck and figure designer Michael Anderson, Colony 87 is a Kickstaret that funded in no time to provide a set of original and characterful civilian models for sci-fi games.

The massive success of the first waves can only let us dream of many more to come !

Bood Wargames :

Bood Wargames is a very recent range built to offer a good alternative to the old medieval dwarves released by Citadel in the 80's. Sculpted by the most excellent John Pickford, these offer the possbility of endless combinations :

A crowdfunding project is about to see th elight of day and if you ever felt like a genuine fantasy dwarf enthusiast, keep an eye open on this one !

White Knight miniatures :

If you still like dwarves but prefer the renaissance kind to the medieval one, there's white knight for you ! And if you jus tfancy renaissanc einqpired fantasy in general there's just everything you need amongst those models :

The variety of models available and their quality will have you dreaming for quite a while so get yourself a good beverage and browse the wonders HERE.

Clam Miniatures :

With the help of John Pickford and other sculptors, CLAM has come up with a range of fabulous evil fantasy dwarves (the Evil Dvergar) and plenty of other goodness of the sort :

The range is splendidly evocative of the old days favoured in our community and will offer an excellent alternative in terms of poses and prices to what you'd get on the bay of E. Have a look at  Clam's site.

Crooked Claw miniatures :

Crooked claw miniatures offer you a range of spectacular goblins sculpted by no other than the Goblin master himself. Pictures speak for themselves :

These are just the sites and projects that pop up to my head right now but if you know or run any similar projects, by all mean share them in the comments and we'll gladly update to share it around !

Remember one thing really : before spending money on Ebay BIN prices, why don't you consider supporting those who make things happen and who take OUR desires into account ? Throwing money at them and taking the time to give constructive criticism is the best way to keep them doing all of this...

There have never been better times to be oldschool than now !

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bring Out Your Lead 2015

Bring Out Your Lead 2015 | SPREAD THE WORD

With only a scant few months to go Bring Out Your Lead 2015 is shaping up for the weekend at the end of July, start of August this year so it's time to get onboard and make plans.



There are lots of games being run, including*:

*Warhammer Ahoy! - a gigantic battle on the High Seas of the Old World
*Terror of the Lichemaster Classic 2nd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*McDeath another Classic 2nd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*Forenronds Last Stand Classic 3rd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*Chainsaw Warrior Space Hulk
*Warhammer:40000 Rogue Trader flavoured Fallout and Bladerunner (!?!)

If you want to arrange a game, find players,  The Oldhammer Forum is the place to get it on. Once you've decided to go, please do sign up at http://tinyurl.com/p9sqhlg - it's not a strict requirement for entry, but it will help the organisers estimate numbers for catering (i.e. Beer supplies) and the...



Airbornegrove & BullDogLopez
By the huge generosity of the international community of Oldhammerers - a limited quantity of Mark Copplestones renegade rocking road warrior 'Boylee Idol' miniature will be made available, for free to participants at the event. Exactly how it's decided the miniatures will be distributed is a dark and sorcerous affair, but it's expected that those who are running a game and those who have registered may be given priority.


Most of the tables are already booked on the Saturday - with a few slots in the afternoon and the morning left. The Friday and the Sunday have good availability. So if you want to run a game, now is a good time to book it in!

If you just want to pop over and see what is going down, please do, but beware that Foundry have limited car parking spaces.


And finally, even if you can't make it (like me, *sob*, *sob*) SPREAD THE WORD! as the ABC Warriors might say - feel free to post the flyer above on your blog, social media, Club wall, FLGS noticeboard or where-ever you like. Let's make 2015 the biggest and best BOYL yet!

*Events subject to change. Unfortunately Susan Boyle has declined the offer of performing a set of cover versions of Bolt Thrower songs this year. I know many of you will be disappointed, but BOYL is going ahead regardless of this setback.