Monday, 2 September 2013

Oldhammer weekend: Old minitures back in production.

Still wading through pictures and spending time with the family so this is my first brief Oldhammer community post about  the Oldhammer weekend, for a more personal take watch the personal blog

As Steve has mentioned on his blog a number of classic citadel sculpts have been brought back into production.

There isn't much to add to Steve's descriptions of the minis he has done the comprehensive job we have come to expect from him so do go check out the post, it has loads of nice pictures of which I've nicked one. I should be able to offer a comparison shot to some of the originals when I get time.

However I think it worth considering what has happened. Would foundry have released these without the enthusiasm being shown within our community? Well maybe, they are going through their old ranges but I don't think Foundry themselves ever released these guys. It would perhaps be fair to say that even if they were lined up for some future release our show of support allowed them to be bumped up the queue. I was too busy buying them to think to ask.

Steve also pondered what other treasures wait to be found in the Foundry's stock of old moulds, perhaps a show of support and a few good purchases of the current re-releases would encourage the Foundry to go looking for these hidden gems. Sales talk people!

As it is anyone collecting empire or norse has some much needed relief from eBay prices and even the Brettonian collectors have something to smile about. Well other than the stacks of feudals already available. We can only wish that some of the goblinoids had migrated to Foundry.