Monday, 16 July 2012

Quest for the Old Hammer of MacGuffin

Hello all and glad to be making my first post in this fine enterprise!

Just to let you all know I have an introductory scenario, as well as a few others, ready to roll - guess what I called it...  As I think they could do with spicing up with some pics I'm just looking into editing some of my old photos to make them look more like the old black and white illustrations. The more I think on it the more I like the idea of stylised black and white photos of actual minis to give the scenarios a distinctive look - might even look into staging specific scenes for future scenarios,

 Of course if any of you talented chaps who can wield a pencil to good effect fancy having a go I can email you the docs to give you a flavour of what might be required - you can't beat a good bit of scribbling after all!

As I'm not massively well-versed in these matters my next question is what form should our e-zine take - I'm assuming some kind of downloadable pdf? Are there any preferred fonts to give things a unified look?

Anyhow - would love to get these scenarios out there soon so let me know what you think.


  1. I'm going to post a work to do list soon so hopefully we can get some prospective illustrators matched up to projects then.

  2. Good idea - hope the flood hasn't been too destructive!

  3. No it was only a mini seep at worst. All my toys were in plastic boxes on shelves. Only worthless stuff like almost our entire pre-digital collection of photos were on the floor in cardboard boxes...I need to earn more browny points fast.

  4. Instead of illustrations, which are very cool, why not use photos of the miniatures themselves. With availability of powerful and portable photo equipment now-a-days, a simple snap-shot with a few editing tweaks could be what you are looking for. After-all you are using miniature soldiers, so why not show them off?

    I am attempting to do this on my blog.