Friday, 13 July 2012

Everybody welcome.

OK lots of people with great ideas, lots of different blogs I'm proposing this blog as a site to get organised on. Please do ask to be made an author no vetting though good if you are a blogger or regular commentator on all the oldhammer blogs. Some few of us should also be administrators just in case.

So far for ideas we have had:

A T-Shirt, done.

A meeting or rally  I still think the name needs to be Oldhammer Contact, if you can't work out why your Oldhammer credentials need checking. On this front I should mention I'm the chair of the Cambridge Wargames club so can get access to a great hall for a very fair price and I wouldn't see a problem using all the terrain we keep stored at the same hall, obviously I'd need to clear it with the club. One idea that certainly has an obvious appeal to me anyway!

A competition possibly a first one called Golden Gobbo. I'd be happy to supply a trophy so long as it got passed on th any following winners. On your oldhammer honor.

A Fanzine that ought to have loads of lovely pictures but also a nice old school B&W feel.

Miniatures is another idea.

Do we even need a society?


  1. Great Idea, I did relay all the news on my blog hoping to interest some french readers !

    1. I know I'm brand new to the scene (ehrm, hi) and making a lot of noise very quickly, but I'd like to raise the idea of a unified message board or forum so folks can discuss stuff away from the blogs. You know, for general discussion and co-ordination rather than blog comments, just a thought.