Thursday, 19 July 2012

Editing the Oldhammer Fanzine.

So with all this activity I thought it worth mentioning the idea of editing the pieces people are preparing.

I think ensuring the quality and readability of the finished works should be a priority. People aren't going to bother downloading an over long document full or errors after all. So I think it makes perfect sense to ask for volunteers to help proof read and provide editorial guidance to the contributors. Anyone feel like helping out here let me know.  

While I'm at it, anyone have any experience setting pages out and creating good looking pdf documents? I'm sure if need be I can get my head round it but if someone has abilities they would like to volunteer so much the better.

Finally hosting the fanzine for download is something worth considering, I'm not certain drop box is the ideal solution here.


  1. I'm a freelance IT consultant, I have servers I do own and manage and can without any problems host (for free) the fanzine and its website !

  2. Sounds good - I'd be happy to help proof read stuff if needed (Primary School teacher in me coming out!) but not that much experience with pdf and other hosting stuff.

  3. As a total pedant when it comes to grammar I am more than happy to proof-read with a digital red biro!

  4. Wonderful. We just need the articles to nstart rolling in now.