Saturday, 14 July 2012


So who is up for contributing to a Fanzine?


  1. Good idea. We can do a nice little article about our first painting comp; show off the top 5 or so entries with interviews with the painters. Why did they choose the miniature? Inspiration etc etc.

  2. Cool, I've put a bunch of other ideas on my blog. It has a wider circulation at the moment than this one, though I've been suprised how quick this one is attracting people. Perhaps I should post the ideas here too?

  3. I'd really like to but I'm not sure my written english is good enough for this, but I'd like to write a small scenario, something totally different form a "balanced ranged battle", I'm sure it will need editing so if there is someone OK to proofread it and correct my english then count me in !

  4. Very excited by the Oldhammer movement, yes please. :)

  5. Oops - saw this after commenting on Erny's place - basically I have scenarios. Some in my head, some typed up which are really generic. No armies mentioned so they can be played by any faction - just the bare bones of the narrative, important terrain and possible victory conditions.

    There are also the Magnificent Sven rebooted scenarios I am currently working on - don't know whether using that name may cause problems with IP?

    I can also write up the other scenarios I've played and written up as battle reports on my blog - Ogre raid, Larder of Doom, etc.

    For that matter - would battle reports be something people might like included?

    1. Certainly, proper ones with a good balance between the tactical and the narrative.

  6. Hello !! Ready to contribute... I can make Old school paint tutorial, Base, shield, banner... What do you want? Bye Nico.

  7. Great to have you on board Nico. I'm dealing with a minor cellar flood at the moment but when I have more time i'll try to organise things and see if we can all start working on something to a vauge deadline.

  8. I'm up for this and your ideas sound great Erny. I'd be happy to do/contribute to a "collectors corner" type of article that deals with rarity, value and other collecting issues. I've been ebaying for over 10 years so I've got some experience to back me up... :-)