Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bring Out Your Lead 2015

Bring Out Your Lead 2015 | SPREAD THE WORD

With only a scant few months to go Bring Out Your Lead 2015 is shaping up for the weekend at the end of July, start of August this year so it's time to get onboard and make plans.



There are lots of games being run, including*:

*Warhammer Ahoy! - a gigantic battle on the High Seas of the Old World
*Terror of the Lichemaster Classic 2nd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*McDeath another Classic 2nd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*Forenronds Last Stand Classic 3rd Edition Warhammer Scenario
*Chainsaw Warrior Space Hulk
*Warhammer:40000 Rogue Trader flavoured Fallout and Bladerunner (!?!)

If you want to arrange a game, find players,  The Oldhammer Forum is the place to get it on. Once you've decided to go, please do sign up at - it's not a strict requirement for entry, but it will help the organisers estimate numbers for catering (i.e. Beer supplies) and the...



Airbornegrove & BullDogLopez
By the huge generosity of the international community of Oldhammerers - a limited quantity of Mark Copplestones renegade rocking road warrior 'Boylee Idol' miniature will be made available, for free to participants at the event. Exactly how it's decided the miniatures will be distributed is a dark and sorcerous affair, but it's expected that those who are running a game and those who have registered may be given priority.


Most of the tables are already booked on the Saturday - with a few slots in the afternoon and the morning left. The Friday and the Sunday have good availability. So if you want to run a game, now is a good time to book it in!

If you just want to pop over and see what is going down, please do, but beware that Foundry have limited car parking spaces.


And finally, even if you can't make it (like me, *sob*, *sob*) SPREAD THE WORD! as the ABC Warriors might say - feel free to post the flyer above on your blog, social media, Club wall, FLGS noticeboard or where-ever you like. Let's make 2015 the biggest and best BOYL yet!

*Events subject to change. Unfortunately Susan Boyle has declined the offer of performing a set of cover versions of Bolt Thrower songs this year. I know many of you will be disappointed, but BOYL is going ahead regardless of this setback. 


  1. Don't know how I managed to miss that post. I'm really sorry to read Susan Won't be the cover of "woooorld eataaaaah" at the show but I guess the void created will just be filled with a little more gaming and lead orgy...

  2. Thanks for posting those Oldhammer style sources. Mr. Pickford has a 1980's time machine.