Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What to do with an Oldhammer Blog.

It has been a good long time since I posted anything on this blog. Partly due to lack of time and partly due to redundancy. Originally this blog started before the forum as a way for the nascent Oldhammer community to work together and discuss things. It worked too, insofar as we ended up with a forum.

Then The plan was to update regularly with interesting new blogs and community news. Again the forum is sort of doing this fine though if I weren't so lazy I'd probably be able to keep momentum going.

 Problem is for a blog that doesn't get updated this is a very popular blog, somewhere between 50 to 100 views a day for something that isn't being maintained. Search for Oldhammer and it is only recently that the forum has pushed this blog into second place on Google.

This blog with its name is well poised to talk to the masses, it just needs some attention. I don't really want to move Ernie's place over, my blogging isn't all Oldhammer, equally I wouldn't want to move all my Oldhammer stuff here.

So what use this blog?

If you have some ideas let me know. Could be as simple as some ideas of what to put on or here or perhaps you've loads you want to say and no blog and could do with a site already getting hits? Whatever it just seams a shame for this to go to waste.


  1. How about putting some key articles up on here. You know, cherry pick from all the tasty stuff we have all produced over the last couple of years. I would look nice, increase traffic and inspire those newbies that stumble across the Oldhammer scene. Oh, and add a link to the Facebook Group too. With nearly 500 members its now larger than the forum and another useful place for people to discuss things!

  2. I do, indeed, look nice but I meant 'it would look nice'. As in, lots of pretty pictures of old school models and such.

  3. I'd say update the Blog links on the site, FB link, link to all the Oldhammer freindy companies (Affinity Minatures, Oakbound games)

  4. How about inviting Oldhammerers to write articles especially for this blog?

    Articles could be about what's going on across the country/world in terms of Oldhammer, musings on Oldhammer itself, in depth looks at old miniature ranges and the new old-inspired stuff being made today and so on. This would avoid just duplicating content from our own blogs.

    You could perhaps have a thread on the forum to sign up to write a post and limit it to one each week/month to keep a steady stream of new material.