Friday, 3 August 2012

So whats the blog for now?

It would be easy to say that the blog has served its purpose now, we are all together on the forum a great step forward and for the purpose of of discussing ideas it is indeed redundant.

But the Blog does something else. Posts on the blog appear on the blogs of most followers so posting news here will regularly advertise the movement to the large amounts of passing viewers, we only need one or two to click the link to steadily grow the community. After all any people that come to this blog via our blogs are probably already interested in oldhammer.

To this end I think the following should happen:

Some permanent blog pages:

What is old hammer.

For the future an intro to BLOOD.

Other beginners resources.

Pretty this thing up, if it's one of the shop windows it ought to look good.


  1. Yep definitely - what about links to battle reports, painting tutorials and other things of interest to the oldhammer enthusiast.

    Plus updates and announcements resulting from our discussions on the forum.

  2. Yes, As I said before I saw more the forum as an "internal tool" where we do brainstroming, collaborative work, and so on...

    The blog is more something to keep to show how things are going, to link to articles on our personal blogs, to show nice miniatures : it's the visible part of the iceberg !

  3. Totally agree with Bruno there. To use another analogy, I reckon the Blog should be the body of the swan, graceful, beautiful and totally calm. Masking the frantic paddling that is the forum.

  4. Agree totally with the other comments, the blog is a great place to showcase the Oldhammer hobby/movement.