Monday, 16 July 2012

Third Edition Texts Links

Hello Oldhammerers,

I have just posted links to all the Third Edition texts that are required to play on my blog. After all, if we want more players we need to ensure that the texts are easily accessible.

I think it would be sensible to post them here too.


Here are the links;



  1. I was asking myself some questions regarding all this, no offence or critics intended to anyone, just something we should (must) think about.

    I'm not sure it's a good idea to openly distribute copyrighted stuff, I understand that it is a good way to promote something that could be hard to find but do we really want to attract the IP lawyers from GW ?

    Maybe one of the first project of the Oldhammer Scene, could be to write a copyright free version of the rules, and distribute them under a Creative Common Licence. By looking at what was made in the OSR movement, it seems that the copyright does not apply to the rule system in itself nor to the resolution tables needed for the game, it would mean that a totally rewritten version of the rules (the same rule but with no copy/paste from the original and without all the fancy stuff and only generic names not TMed or Copyrighted by GW) could be a solution to this.

    I'd like to hear from you all about this.

  2. I must say I agree. A Creative Common Licence may not be possible, much of the OSR was made possible by the OGL and I don't know what can be achieved without it. I'd love to think this would be possible or that GW would be happy to release the old version of its game to download like the specialist games, (some hope.

    I think mentioning that copies can readily be picked up from ebay and that we strongly dissuade people from picking up one of the many copies available after a simple on-line search may be enough. I wish it weren't this way but it may be a good idea to remove the links for now?

    1. From what I understand, the first OSR were based on the D20 and OGL, but the second wave is not relying on it, the US law seems to tell that the mechanics of a game cannot be copyrighted ( ) that's why I believe that a rewrite without any copy/paste of the original rules, no specific names and with new art can be made.

  3. Not an expert in these matters by a long way - Seems a shame to deprive newcomers of such a lovely resource but don't suppose we want to annoy anybody - if indeed this would?

    Might be quite a creative challenge to come up with our own version - art work and all...

  4. OK edited to remove links sorry but I think for this group venture links directly to other peoples IP are a no. Clearly what you put on your own site is up to you :)