Monday, 4 March 2013

Updating the list of old school manufacturers.

I noticed the side bar was missing a number of purveyors of fine old school miniatures and thought it prudent to update the list. The side bar should be updated but just click on the name of each company/supplier bellow to take you straight there.

So it would be foolish of me not to include The Foundry on the list now that so many packs that were originally citadel are back on sale. Back in the day I bought quite a number of their Viking packs and as you would expect they measure up identically to the citadels except they have a solid base rather than a slotta. Not really a problem. Their recent undead and beastman ranges are spot on for oldhammer and earlier fantasy ranges such as Kev Adams orcs and dwarves are a different but wholly acceptable take on oldhammer favorites.

A really top set of dwarves with a renaissance vibe from White Knight. If you loved the marauder renaissance dwarf line you will love these. Have some myself and I’m very glad I sent them a mail.
Goblins and Halflings are also available, well worth a look.

 Some nice goblins by Kev Adams (on offer) in their store plus a few other gems. You'll have to search though.

What White knight is doing for Renaissance Dwarves Clam is doing for Chaos Dwarves, I mean Ewal Dvergar. Good figures, will be buying at some point in time if he has any left.


  1. If I didn't have a big pile of classic Citadel Dwarfs (including Bugman's Brewers and Prince Ulther's Company) I'd be all over those White Knight dwarfs. Fantastic.

  2. I have a huge pile of classic citadel dwarves, half still to paint. It didn't stop me! But then exposure to 80's lead has adled my brain and weakened my will (Wil 2, Ld 2 for new, "old lead", I'm afraid.)

    1. In Warhammer 8e this feature of Oldhammers is expressed as a special rule, but you'll need to buy the latest Army Book to read it.

  3. The white knight models are stellar and they just keep getting better...we have fully armored knights on the way soon! get you some!

  4. Yeah thanks for the picture of them Blue. Nicked of White Knights site but we all know there yours.

  5. Big fan of 4A mini's Goblins - Andy has a sale on at the moment too - this week only.

    Mean in Green deal - £20 for all three sets of Goblins instead of £25

  6. White Knight figures are great, as is their service which is both fast and friendly.

  7. Have Foundry done away with their (very nice) Dwarfs, Giant Orc/Ogre, and Orc ranges? I might be being a bit dense, but have they disappeared from the site?