Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Another Three to Watch.

Continuing on with the theme of pointing out blogs that chime with oldhammer I have another three sites that should form part of every enthusiasts weekly perusal.

We start with a couple of Oldhammer 40K sites:

Classic 40,000

This blog has only been going since the start of the year but has collected a good number of us oldhammerers as followers already. Currently the posts on this site by Ork Lords of Legend are mainly collecting and game history posts including an interesting article by Jervis Johnson from the mid 90s . So far it is all good stuff and OLoL is clearly helping lead the charge for old school 40K but we’d love to see some paint on minis and gaming write-ups!!

Rogue Heresy

Second in our pair of Oldhammer 40K blogs is Jason Fulford’s Rouge Heresy also started in January. Currently this is mainly a painting blog with some cracking paint jobs on some classic RT miniatures. There is some collecting and history bits and pieces dotted about and just the hit of true Oldhammer creeping in with Jason's project for the up coming Realms of Chaos game at Bring out your Lead.

The Boarder Princes


This blog has been going a long time and it may be that it is very well known, hard to tell without a follow function. The WHFB content of the blog is however relatively recent starting again in January.

The blog consist of many considered and erudite posts on DnD and as mentioned latterly Oldhammer. Starting with an excellent series of reviews of Oldhammer and its races Evan goes on to look at lethality over editions and Alcoholism. With such scholarly articles I’m certain that Evan will be contributing a great deal to the Oldhammer community.


  1. Erny,
    I was just reading this and I found me! thank you for such I nice plug, I feel honoured

  2. Jason, no problems, thank you for such a nice blog to read, hopefully this meager effort has sent a few more interested readers your way.