Friday, 29 March 2013

Bring out your lead, Oldhammer day(s) - Amazing Tables.

Being amazing hosts Foundry have had Rob really working hard finishing off a whole load of tables. So far three 6X3 tables have been finished and a  7X7 is in process. Thoughts are even being given to another 20 tables. And its still 5 months till OH-day! Just take a look at these finished table and WIP photos and see if you all agree that these are the perfect balance between modular easy to use and thematic diorama style tables.

With tables like this it makes me realize, I only have 5 months to raise the game of my painted armies to do them justice!


  1. looking good, just have to paint my armies now. looking forward to the weekend.
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  2. Fantastic! Going to work extra hard on my armies too. This is a good incentive :-)

  3. Oh my those are pretty! Really capture the Oldhammer look, especially the lichen and plank bridge! The table legs are pretty darn cool too.

  4. Much fun is going to be had on those!

    Do you think they do requests - 4 tables based on the Orc's Drift maps? ;)

  5. Yes the tables look fantastic....but did you see the thousands and thousands of blisters on the walls!!! Though I love Internet figure shopping for a number of reasons I do miss the time spent digging thru a wall of blisters like a used to do as a youngin

  6. Yep know what you mean blue and as exciting as that many foundry blisters are I can't help wishing they were 80's blisters. Sad as it may sound a recurring day dream of mine is the discovery of a long lost ship container full of 80's blisters and box sets...

  7. Tables are looking great.
    I have to say I am really looking forward to this.
    There is a real buzz about the whole thing.
    Also looking forward to a wall of blisters.... and there will be some 80's stuff amongst it with all of the Perry stuff in the Foundry ranges.

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