Friday, 8 March 2013

Music and Fashion, he's a real Oldhammer man.

Now I've let the, "Bring out your lead", news sit on the top of the page a few days and you'll find it has its own page that you can get to from the top of the side bar. However I thought it worthwhile continuing this blogs self appointed roll to document all that is new and vibrant in Oldhammerland.

And I have to say darlings this spring we are all going to be looking simply divine. Zhu's gone and done it again. 

 I went for fiery chaos myself and apparently it shipped this morning, not bad for a midnight purchase last night. I could be wearing it by Saturday more than in time for mothers day. Mrs Erny is going to be so pleased.  Anyway don't miss out the chance to look like this idiot only in newer nattier threads:

But you'll also see he has opened up his Oldhammer play list for contributions.

I'm pretty confident we will have a stonking sound track for the day after last months metal fest (and a bit of punk) :

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