Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oldhammer awards, a good idea?

We are I think officially a community now, we continue to grow with more members of the BLOOD forum each week and more blogs starting on a regular basis. We have an event to look forward to in the summer and people are getting together and having games, either in their local area or across the internet. Indeed as with everything else on the internet our community is world wide. Another thing I’ve noticed is people who don’t necessarily feel they belong within the community are talking about what we are doing, blog and forum posts mention us and link back to us.

Assuming it is desirable to do so how do we as a community promote excellence within the projects, posts and participation that make up our community. Excellence both for our own consumption but also to really fly the flag for passing browsers on the web.

My proposal is simple we give out annual awards. A nomination period would be opened for say a month each year. People and or blogs would be nominated within categories by say at least two people. All nominations after light touch vetting by the organiser(s) (nothing too distasteful allowed no matter how many nominations) would be posted on the BLOOD forum for people to vote upon. The voting could be transparent or possibly kept secret until close of the voting period, I’d suggest a month for this too. The person/blog with the most votes in the given category scoops the award to display on their blog for a year, or if we date them always.

Possible categories that spring to mind:

Oldhammer hero, for promoting the community through their blog and or forum posts.

Oldhammer general, for the best battle report, either through one outstanding contribution or a multitude of them.

Oldhammer wizard, for someone who has really turned the magic on. That one spectacular post that you keep going back to. A catch all category that rewards creative, magic posts.

Oldhammer army. Best post, set of posts about a complete painted collection old or new.

Oldhammer painter, no fancy in game name for this one unless some body can think of one. Awarded to the best post detailing a great paint job or how to.

Oldhammer Cartographer, awarded to the best post or series of posts about terrain construction, map building, you name it.

Oldhammer Historian, awarded to the person who comes up with the goods detailing insider information and or histories of the way we used to play. This could be interviews, detective work on previously mentioned but rare sources or reenactment, replaying the game as it was back then and writing it up.

Oldhammer mentor, who always encourages people on the forum or through their blog to bring out our best?

Oldhammer recruit, best new blog on the scene.

I guess if we gave people a few months to get posted that set of posts they have had in mind for some time it would only be fair. With a month for nominations and a month for voting we could be ready to award these by the time of the Oldhammer weekend and what would be about the anniversary of when we first really got together.


  1. Sounds like fun - could we get some of our more artistic brethren to design a little image for each category that winners could display proudly as a badge of honour?

  2. Yes that would be a great idea, hopefully there's enough enthusiasm for this idea to convince them! This may be a grower of an idea, we'll see.

  3. Pros and cons of organising some awards.

    Pros: It's simple enough to set up a voting system and people will do all kinds of happy dances when they get one. We can recognise the achievements of those who have started something wonderful and contributed to its success.

    Cons: Few people will openly support new ideas. Awards invariably get tied up with politics. Awards may discourage as many people as they inspire. The concept may run counter to the Oldhammer philosophy of some. The hobby has always suffered at the hands of those who seek 'elite' status, isn't this an example of the kind of attitude that exclude casual Oldhammerers?

    I would support awards and offer my services to help anyone doing them if the community come out with a positive response, though I think it is dangerous ground.

  4. Great post WP I really would like to hear peoples genuine thoughts. Turning people off is the last thing I'd want to do. Truth be told I did have the same thoughts run through my head.

    Perhaps some more on my reasoning. Without a living game I think this idea may be a good way to do something as a community, along with games days and other competitions. Clearly this has to be from the community for the community if it is to mean anything. It maybe that people don't think we are a community, fair enough but look at the energy and the vigor our own hobbies have all taken on since coalescing around the Oldhammer name.

    In a certain light I would be particularly disappointed if the same old suspects ended up with awards because the point is to grow the community. hence also giving a good 4 months to do the great set of posts before opening nominations.

    Obviously after having weighed it all up I'm on the yes lets go for it and see. It could easily do nothing.

  5. Count me in if you need anything, otherwise just tell me where to vote!

  6. Maybe, I am worried a bout this elitism thing, that I didn't really consider and I'd hate things to go that way.

  7. We're a really small scene, maybe what, 100 internet people at most, and we all pretty much know what we're all doing (although I must say trying to "keep up" across blogrolls, forum, facebook is a bit too much hard work for me!)

    Anyways. I like the idea of parody titles, think rapper names, or masonic lodge or military titles, which is a bit silly, but also elitist.

    So I nominate Erny for the title of "High Theocrat of the Ephemeral Battle" for his virtual tabletop and Thantsants for the "Architect-General of the 3rd Temple (Lustrian Division)" for building Riggs shrine out of plaster.

    In fact the more pompous and elitist sounding the better. You may henceforth refer to me as "The Grand Vizier of the Ancynt Order of Deathspell" for running a 1E deathmatch game on the bloodforum.

    1. Oh and of course Bruno has "Instigatorium Foruminus I" for setting up the bloodforum, and Olygg gets bestowed "High Lord Interrogator" for his sterling work interviewing gw staff. Warlord Paul is "2nd Degree Initiate of the Imperia Metallicum" for suggesting top-notch tunage.

      I think that's enough from me now... :-)

  8. OK fair does, pomposity well and truly burst Grand Vizier.
    Blame it on thinking oldhammer when dealing with author lists for academic papers, if pomposity and elitism doesn't rub off on you there...

    I think I was just feeling round for something to do and trying to think what other successful movements do. Take on the trappings and ping instant sucess for the group so in that way High Theocrat isn't far off. But now I have my teeth in this virtual stuff so much the better. Speaking of which I'm thinking of running some 1st ed DnD or LL and I noticed you had a Gnome.

    Now excuse me I have some litanies to make to Old Hammer

  9. I am one of the new converts I had not played WFB in years but seeing a community of gamers who want to play my era has got me dashing back to my Dwarf's just a shame I sold ALL my WFB armies, still does mean I can buy new ones and I have a target as I have signed up for the Bring out your Lead. I am just waiting for my user name to be activated on the forum.
    Peace James
    (exiles Painting)