Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy birthday Oldhammer?

Last summer a bunch of us bloggers finally got together and decided to say yes we are a community. It would be daft to try to pinpoint the exact post that definitively said yes Oldhammer is born. But certainly last Summer this blog was my first step to get everyone talking and working in a more communal way. A good number of people signed up and then the BLOOD forum was born from the inadequacies of this medium for group discussions.

Loads of other things were happening at the same time but I think it would be fair to say August was the month when things started moving. I noticed that the first people signed up to the BLOOD forum on 2nd August 2012 so today is as good a day as any to celebrate what has happened for us.

Personally I feel there is a lot to celebrate. I've been collecting and gaming with my old 3rd edition since 3rd edition, never stopped  but over the years the opponents dried up now there is a growing community that wants to play the games we all enjoy. As of today there are now 180 people signed up to the BLOOD forum and I'm sure Orlygg can fill us in on the numbers for his FaceBook page.

We have had painting competitions.

                                                                                        With Fimm's very worthy first win.

We have merchandise.

We have had battle reports aplenty. 

We even have a whole two days set aside to meet up and play games under the ever watchful eye of the Mighty Dark Winged Avenging  Lord of Chaos.

So on a personal note, thank you all for a great year of Oldhammer and here is to many others.


  1. Nice to see you back on here Erny. As for the Facebook Group, we are on 163 members at the time of writing.

    Happy Birthday Oldhammer

    1. Happy birthday indeed!

      As far as Facebook goes...Am I missing much by not being involved over there? I'm not facebook capable...and don't really want to be...but I'd hate to miss out on some juicy gossip! :)

  2. So 163 members with some overlap clearly but I'm certain we could say there are between 200-250 signed up oldhammerers now. Not bad for a year.

  3. Happy Birthday us!

    Thanks for posting this Ernie - it hadn't occurred to me that our anniversary was coming up. Nothing new there as the wife will tell you!

    Never really got a handle on the Book of Face but I suppose I should see what is happening over there some time...

  4. Give you joy of your Anniversary sir!
    Best Wishes
    Duke of Tradgardland

  5. Happy Birthday! Coincidentally, It's also the birthday of Newhammer today!

  6. Somehow Newhammer sounds like a town.

    1. Ha! You mock now, my rebel splinter group is destined for greatness though. I already have 0.5% of the Oldhammer population signed up. Viva El Presidente!

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