Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Oldhammer the Meme?

A few bloggers are mentioning Oldhammer appearing in ebay descriptions, I've also seen mention by people not necessarily in the movement on other forum such as TMP and Lead Adventure. Now it seams we have been recorded as a meme or at least part of a trope on the ever useful TV trope site.

Not entirely flattering as the trope in question is:

They Changed It Now It Sucks

Which it describes as, "over-reaction about minor changes." But it does prove our message or at least our presence is permeating through the interweb, the geeky bit anyway.


  1. 3rd ed to 8th ed is a minor change?
    A company which used to be about having fun and entirely British-based to a profiteering company producing in China and hanging on to their collosal savings?
    Not exactly minor changes I think...

  2. Well that's what I thought but still Interesting that we are causing ripples however small outside our little pond.

  3. I also notice that only 3rd ed is mentioned and not the earlier editions!

    Agreed, it is fascinating to see the (not massively!) wider world have a view on Oldhammer.

    I do rather like the TV Trope site - loads of ammo for scenarios and characters!

  4. Yeah I like the site too, so it is nice to get a mention, geek points all round.

  5. I've been using Oldhammer the phrase for quite some time now and I am positive it trickled into my vocabulary via this blog ... lol.

    In my immediate understanding of the term I took it for what it is. Oldhammer ... I want to play the old way. In my case I interpret that as the "classic" or the "fun" way.

    I hear more and more gamers using the term in forum posts, etc. etc.

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