Saturday, 27 April 2013

Count me in!

Well I've taken the plunge and ordered one of Alex's excellent modular gaming tables

The first set of tiles I hope to make for it will be something along these lines - for my Lustrian project.

There's 33 more days to go on the campaign and 9 more tables to be sold to make it all happen - spread the word!


  1. I must say that the tables look really good, as do the miniatures gracing them.

    Are you thinking re-fighting the Kremlo campaign?

    1. More than that - I'm tying it in with my own sequel to the Magnificent Sven and the Shrine of Rigg...

  2. Those tables are really nice and if I the space I would look at one. Which is ironic as they are designed with saving space in mind. Anyway I have to make do with wooden boards that I place on the dining room table when the family dont need it (which is a rare event).

    I wish him every success.

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