Friday, 16 August 2013

Regional Groups and Allied contingents.

Another nice bit of community forming is happening over on the Blood Forum. In a discussion about what to do after our first big meet (you do know we are all meeting up right) popular support for the formation of regional groups quickly developed. This is a step more organised and should hopefully lead to more games than leaving it to the individuals involved when others are relying on us we do more..

Harry has proposed we call these groups Allied Contingents, anyone whose spent more tha n a little time with Warhammer Armies will know why. This doesn't mean the Allied contingents cannot have some rivalry though!

This blog and others have long banged on about the need to do something, not just write about things to do. With the possibility of local Oldhammer clubs forming this looks to be a year of more games coming up. So what are you waiting for get on Skarsniks opponent finder and see whose in your area.

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