Thursday, 18 April 2013

So who wants a great table!

Dreamfish, he of the 3rd ed army builder lists and remote gaming has put together an Indiegogo campaign for his modular gaming table design. The campaign is for the frame work that is both table and unique storage system for the modular boards. These you would need to supply yourself.

If you have the time and skill to make the boards, and the albeit small extra room to keep the storage racks I don't think a finer design is out there. Had I the time to make the boards I'd probably be all over this.


  1. Erny, thank you for the support. This makes things right for voting "no, just no" ;) Just kidding... Your help is much appreciated.

    1. Sorry Erny I confused you with someone else.

    2. It's OK Dreamfish I figured as much.

  2. Looks great actually. You can buy 2x2 ready made polystyrene modular tiles (complete with Flock) quite cheaply, Now I just have to remember where I bought the darn things from.

  3. Mate I'm loving the Table; and all the Old Hammer Stuff in general.

    Do you just do fantasy or are you into 40K too.

    If so I've just started up my own Old Hammer 40k site at:

    I'd appreciate any input. Legio

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