Friday, 18 July 2014

The oldhammer goblin.

Gaj/Weazil has some very wonderful news for all of us attending BOYL14, straight from Bryan Ansell no less.

Kevin, The Goblin Master, Adams is sculpting an oldhammer goblin to be given to those who attend the day, any spares will be available to buy after the event.  A topic on the oldhammer forum is running to discuss this very news:
Link to Oldhammer forum post.

I'm sure I'm not over stepping the mark to extend my thanks on the behalf of all of us here at the Oldhammer blog to these two Titans of warhammer let alone Oldhammer.


  1. That's fantastic news, what a treat!

  2. We can see the mighty dark winged avenging lord of chaos has lost none of his might or nobility !
    Thanks to them !

  3. Would be great as a part of a Carnival of Chaos warband for Mordheim. Please send some to the USA - we're in dire need of some british-ly witty minis over here.

    1. There is talk of any spares going to the US Oldhammer day.

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