Tuesday 18 February 2014

A Malign Rise: Antiquis Malleum greens by Tim Prow!

From left to right: Gregor Sinblister, Matthias Witherheart and Oskar the Writhing
Mick Leach, from Eastern Front Studios, has released some more greens for the forthcoming Antiquis Malleum Kickstarter. And here they are! Hopefully, this will encourage Drew Williams to finish the three he is working on. Some of you may have seen the WIP Drew did on Snaplimb Lusthowl earlier on last week, so expectation is high on what else he pulls out of the bag sculpting wise. 

Gregor Sinblister up close and personal
Oskar the Writhing. Feel the tentacles! 
A scale shot, as many of you have asked for, of the new miniatures compared to some old school models.

As always, feel free to share your opinions here, they really do make a difference you know!


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