Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Oldhammer Day 2013!

It's on. Its the 31August to 1st Septmeber 2013!

Emails have been sent, conference calls have been had, secret pact have been made with dark mysterious forces. Gaj AKA Weasil (Gajwesail?) has done sterling work, the Ansells have been super stars.  All of this has lead to the dates being set for the first ever Oldhammer day at the Foundry in Nottingham. What better place, surely the spiritual home of Citadel will be hosting what can only be described as the must go event of the Oldhammer calender. Talk to your better half now, reserve the date the gods of Oldhammer need to be apeased!

Imagine your ideal club meet. Well this is it, table laid on, food and drink provided at bar prices, wonderful collections of old lead to be viewed, games to be played from bring and battle to demo games to a gathering of RoC warbands. There will even be the possibility of buying miniatures cast from the original citadel molds! All over two days.

How to get involved?

Wing your way over to THE oldhammer forum and sign up. It's our day so it is important to get involved to ensure it is everything we collectively want.  Our band of fellow old school adventures grows daily so now is the time to sign the Oldhammer Contract and get on board.

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